Ground Assault®

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The Mission

Ground Assault® is a military-themed game where two to four players navigate challenging terrain, sabotage the each other with troop infiltrations, and build structures to take control of land.

The Difference

Your battlefield is made up of between 25 to 36 square tiles, which are shuffled randomly between each game. This provides a high level of re-playability while allowing you to build multiple strategies for ultimate success.

The Mechanics

Use Action Points to move troops into position, use Skill cards to build and control a piece of land, and battle other players to take control of their land. Once you build on land, flip the tile over and you own it... for now!

I had fun learning and playing Ground Assault! It was awesome to think of new strategies and try them out!

Matt K

It's a nicely balanced mix of luck and skill so everyone can have fun playing it. From casual gamers, to kids, to hardcore board gamers, there's a lot here to enjoy.

Paula S

Ground Assault was very engaging and easy to follow. Exciting to play with as few as two players, but as the saying goes, "The more the merrier!" Definitely expect good board game fun for all. Caution: extreme outbursts from excitement may occur!

Ebony H